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                 Finite Element Analysis. The nonlinear problem which has to solved is divided into a mesh with linear areas. This small
                 areas are calculated. This method has the advantage that every geometrY can be analysed:

                 A printed board with more than two copper layer is called multilayer. Multilayer consists of several laminats with copper on
                 top and bottom. This lamiantes are isolated to each other by prepregs. By high pressure and heat a compact PCB
                 is created.

Planar Transformer
                 Planar transformer are low components with good high frequency behavior
                 and therefore with high power densities. Planar transformer can be used for
                 flyback or forward converters. Typical hights are between 6 and 20 mm.
                 The power capability reach from 5W up to 5kW and more.
                 There are two different technologies for creating windings:
                 The stacking technology use thick copper lead frames which are isolated by
                 plastic foils. If necessary additional bobbins are used to realized creepage
                 The second method is to realize windings by a multilayer. The windings are
                are etched in copper. This technology guarantees a high process capability
                 and can even be used for high voltage application.

Planar Inductor
                Also like planar transformers chokes can be created in a flat construction.
                But the slope of the current must not be to high.

                Most used language to describe complex digital logic. There are the Behavioral
                Level und the RTL Level decription. Apart from a special form of Behavioral
                discription only RTL can be synthzised to gate netlist.