g Eddy Currents of a
    Rod Core Inductor

g Capacitive Rainsensor

g Impedance Curve
     of an Aircoil

g Magnetics Shielding       of a Copper Foil

g Saturation Behavior

g Position Sensor

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Finite Element Analysis
Finite Elemente Analysis (FEA) allows calculation of magnetic and electrical quantities of passive components . Especially complex geometries are suitable for FEA and are simulated with high precision.
Above all FEA is an efficient tool for devloping inductive components.
New developments and continuing improvements will be analyzed before expensive sample have to be built up. This will save time and money.
FEA calculates following quantities:

B - H fields, energy density and saturation
- inductance and leakage inductance
- eddy and displacement currents through several hundred MHz
- inductive coupling
- E – D fields
- dielectric losses
- capacitance
- RLCG transmission parameters of a line for any frequency
- magnetic force